The name of the Club shall be The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain (herein referred to as JRTCGB).

2. Objectives & Purpose:
To promote and preserve the true working terrier known as The Jack Russell. To write and apply a breed standard. To oppose influence by any organisation or persons whose actions may result in practices considered to be detrimental to the Jack Russell Terrier and its future. To protect the Jack Russell Terrier as a true working terrier and to preserve the rights of the working terrier enthusiast to work the terrier in the traditional manner. To encourage lawful and humane terrier work and to educate newcomers to the world of the working terrier.
3. Membership:

The number of members shall be unlimited and shall be open to all persons who shall agree upon enrolment to abide by the constitution and byelaws of the JRTCGB. Such membership to be granted under the following headings:

Single Adult membership (aged 16 years and over).
Junior membership (to include any child under the age of 16).
Family membership (to include junior members under 16 years of age).
Honorary Life membership.
Overseas membership.
The Club reserves the right to refuse membership.

4. Terms of Membership:

Terms may be reviewed annually at the AGM upon recommendation from the National Committee. The rate of subscription for each class of member shall be as follows:

Single Adult membership: 100% per annum.
Family membership: 150% per annum.
Overseas membership: 200% per annum.
Honorary Life membership may be granted upon the recommendation of the National Committee by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at an AGM.
The annual subscription shall be due on the first day of January each year. Any member failing to pay within three months of this date shall be deemed to have terminated her/his membership.
The Club is to receive towards its funds from each regional treasurer a proportion of member’s subscriptions as follows: Adult member (75%), Life member (Nil), Family member (75%), Junior member (100%), Overseas member (100% – Overseas memberships are payable direct to National Secretary who will forward payment on to National Treasurer).
The end of the Financial Year shall be 31st August.
Any member deemed as acting in a manner likely to be detrimental to The Jack Russell Terrier, this Club or its members, may have their membership terminated following an enquiry as per Rule 5 by a majority decision of the National Committee.

5. Procedure for Termination of Membership by the National Committee:
The member or members will be notified in writing at least 21 days before the enquiry takes place on the pending termination of membership, outlining the reasons for the enquiry, allowing the member or members to present a response in writing at least 7 days before the enquiry, or by appearing before the National Committee. The member or members will be notified in writing of the outcome within 7 days of the enquiry taking place. An appeal can be lodged with the National Committee in writing within 21 days of the enquiry or requesting a personal appearance before the National Committee.
6. Officers of the Club:
The Officers of the Club shall consist of a Chairman (who has held a national or regional office for a full term of one year), a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Publicity Officer, a Magazine Officer, a Breed Records Officer, a National Show Manager, a Sales Officer and a Stud Book and Prefix Officer. The Officers of the Club shall be appointed by a members majority ballot vote at the Annual General Meeting. No postal or proxy vote allowed.
7. National Committee:
The affairs of the Club shall be managed by an elected committee to be known as the National Committee. This National Committee shall consist of the above officers as Rule 6, plus elected representatives from each region. Each Region shall be entitled to elect at their own AGM two delegates for up to 50 members plus one extra delegate for membership over 50 within its own region, to serve upon the National Committee. Two further representatives may be elected as substitutes. Such delegates to retire each year but may be available for re-election. All such delegates to be duly elected members of their regional committee.

If a temporary officer vacancy occurs on the National Committee by virtue of death, resignation, suspension or expulsion of a member then the National Committee shall have the power to appoint a person from the National Committee to fill that vacancy until the next AGM.
In the event of a vacancy for Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall fill the vacancy until the next AGM, at which time a new Chairman shall be elected as per Rule 7.
In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall automatically take the Chair and, in the absence of both officers, a member shall be elected from among those present to act as Chairman for that one meeting only.
The President (non-voting) shall be an honorary post, bi-annually, in appreciation of outstanding services to the Club, or being a person of such prominence as to enhance the promotion and goodwill of the Club. In the event of the Presidency becoming vacant, the vacancy may be filled from nominees submitted by the National Committee and accepted by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the following AGM.
Non-attendance – If any member of the National Committee shall be absent from three consecutive meetings she/he shall be asked for an explanation and, if not acceptable to the National Committee, she/he shall be deemed to have resigned from office.
Meetings –The Committee shall meet as often as may be necessary but not less than three times between each AGM. Such meetings shall be called by the Secretary upon direction from the Chairman.
Decisions Binding – Any decision of the Committee within the scope of its duties or powers shall be final and binding on all members, providing that such decision is lawful, conducive to the objectives of the Club and does not infringe upon or negate the constitutional rules of the Club.
The quorum for a meeting of the National Committee shall be 6 including the Officers.
The National Committee is responsible for producing a list of approved judges suitable for overseas appointments.

8. Annual General Meetings:

There shall be an Annual General Meeting to be held on a Sunday in November each year. Attendance at the AGM shall be restricted to fully paid up members of the club and invited guests who shall be at the discretion of the Chairman. No membership applications will be processed at the AGM. The purpose of the meeting being for the presentation of the National Accounts, National and Regional Officers’ reports, the election of officers of the National Committee and the election of the National Show Judge for the ensuing year, and to discuss motions as described in Rule 8d).
Not more than 15 calendar months shall elapse between each AGM.
The National Secretary shall notify all members of the Club stating date, place and time of such meeting and requesting such nominations for vacancies on the National Committee. Proposals will be taken from the floor.
Motions for the agenda duly signed by the proposer and seconder must be received by the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the meeting. No motion may be tabled in absence of mover unless the mover has nominated in writing to the Secretary a member to speak on her/his behalf. Motions for “any other business” will be taken from the floor at the start of the meeting. No further motions will be taken after this time, unless they are relevant to prior business already discussed at the meeting.
Special General Meeting may be summoned at any time at reasonable notice specified by the National Committee, or must be called with the permission of the Chairman by the National Secretary, if summoned to do so in writing, by not less than 20 members of the Club. Such meeting to deal only with the business specified in the request.
Voting at a General Meeting shall be confined to fully paid up adult members of the Club, of not less than 3 months standing, each of whom shall have one vote. In the case of a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. A majority vote shall be sufficient for all ordinary motions put to a meeting but alterations or amendments to the constitutional rules must receive a majority of two thirds of the members present. Members entitled to vote, but not attending a General Meeting, shall be bound by the decisions of that meeting.
The quorum for a General Meeting shall be 20 members; no motion shall be put to a meeting attended by less than that number.
Disorderly conduct – the power of suspending a member guilty of obstructive or disorderly conduct during the continuance of any current meeting shall be vested in a simple majority vote of members present. If carried, the Chairman shall suspend the member for the remainder of the meeting or until an apology is received. If the conduct for which the member is being censured continues, the Chairman will have the authority to suspend or adjourn the meeting to some future date.

9. Alteration of Rules:

The rules of the Club may be amended, repealed or replaced only by a motion carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the members present at a General Meeting (in accordance with Rule 8f).

10. National Shows:

A Show Manager, elected at the AGM, shall be responsible for organising the National Show. She/he will be entitled to serve on the National Committee. Other National Committee members to help with the task if so requested. The cost of National Shows to be borne by the National body. National Show to be held annually on an approved site agreed on at the National AGM on either of the first 2 weekends in August.
The Judge’s decision at the National Show, which applies equally to Regional events, shall be final and binding in all cases, as long as the Judge’s decision conforms to the bye-laws laid down relating to the Breed Standard. Judges to be given a copy of these bye-laws for their guidance before judging commences.
All shows must comply with the JRTCGB show format as set out for National, Regional and Affiliated shows dated 09-01-2004.
No person, other than the owner or the Judge, may handle or pass an opinion on an animal once it has entered the ring, except with the express permission of the owner.
The judge for the National Show shall be elected as follows: each region shall bring to the National AGM a nominated judge elected by it’s members at their AGM. The names from the regions will be discussed and voted on by the officers of the club present at the AGM. Two names will be selected and all members present at the National AGM will vote for 1. Judge 2. Reserve Judge
Exhibiting at the JRTCGB National Show is limited to fully paid up members.
All Terriers exhibited at the National Show aged 6 months and over must be registered with the club

11. Affiliation of Non U.K. Terrier Clubs to the JRTCGB

Clubs requiring affiliation shall agree to adopt the Breed Standard, the constitution, the byelaws and abide by the rules of affiliation of The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain. Clubs should satisfy themselves that the Constitution, Byelaws and Rules of Affiliation do not conflict with their own national laws. Affiliated clubs should note carefully the “guidance notes for affiliated clubs” in the rules for affiliation.
Affiliated clubs may send a non-voting delegate to be present at JRTCGB National Committee meetings.
Clubs will be accepted for affiliation at the jurisdiction of the National Committee. The affiliation may be terminated by either party at any time.
It is not the policy of this club to form Overseas Regions in countries where an affiliated Club in good standing already exists, except by negotiation with the existing Affiliate Club(s) in that country and at the discretion of the National Committee.
It is not the policy of this Club to accept direct affiliation from Overseas Clubs based in countries already having a parent club in good standing and already affiliated, except by negotiation with the existing Affiliate Club(s) in that country and at the discretion of the National Committee.

12. Show Complaints:

Complaints concerning any aspect of a National or Regional Show shall be forwarded in writing to the National Secretary for adjudication by the National Committee (whose decision shall be final) within 7 days of the occurrence. Such complaints may not be voiced publicly at the time of the occurrence, but only made to a member of the organising committee of the Show concerned, whose duty it is to report it to the National Secretary within the allotted 7 days. Such complaint by a member to be accompanied by a fee of £5.00 which will be returnable upon the complaint being substantiated by the National Committee.

13. Bye-laws:

The Committee may from time to time make bye-laws not inconsistent with these rules for governing the conduct of members and the affairs and events of the Club. A copy of these bye-laws to be made available to any member upon request

14. Dissolution:

A motion for winding up of the Club may be put to a Special General Meeting called for this purpose by the National Secretary, on behalf of the National Committee, giving reasonable notice in writing to all members on the register. At such a meeting a majority of three-quarters of the voting members shall be required to carry the motion. In the event of such a meeting being called, postal votes may be submitted and accepted providing such votes are received 7 days prior to the date notified of the meeting. All votes will be in accordance with clause 8 of the constitution. Upon the motion for the winding up of the Club being carried by the stated majority, the assets of the Club, after payment of debts and liabilities, shall be devoted to a charitable purpose designated by the meeting.

15. Conflicting Organisations:

No JRTCGB member may permit their Jack Russell Terrier to participate, or participate themselves in any Jack Russell Terrier related event or activity, connected in any way to a Conflicting Organisation. Jack Russell Terriers registered with a Conflicting Organisation cannot be shown at a JRTCGB event.

Note: The JRTCGB defines a Conflicting Organisation as :- Any Jack Russell Terrier Club that is registered in any way with any Kennel Club or FCI related organisation.

16. Registration of Terriers and Prefix :

The criteria for registration of Jack Russell Terriers with the JRTCGB is as follows.

Registration is only available to paid up members of the JRTCGB
The terrier must be at least 50% white
The terrier must not have any KC registered terriers within it’s pedigree
The terrier should generally conform to the breed standard

The rule for overseas registration is as follows:
A person residing in a country other than the UK can become an overseas member of the JRTCGB and can register terriers subject to the following rules.

If an affiliate club exists in the country of residence then an applicant for overseas membership must first become a member of that club.
If an affiliate club exists in the country of residence then the applicant for overseas registration must first register the terrier with that club.
The conflicting organisation rule applies at all stages.
The fee for single overseas registration is as current G.B. plus correct return postage. For a litter it is as current G.B.. Phone number and email address must be included as per the requirements for UK registration.
The Inbreeding rule i.e. father/daughter, mother/ son, or brother/sister matings within the pedigree will render the terrier unregisterable

Note Rules 1., 2. 3. 4.and 5. above are part of the affiliation rules as agreed with and adopted by all affiliated clubs and regions of the JRTCGB.

17. General

All complaints and grievances with reference to the Club, its members or activities, to be made in writing to the National Secretary who will include them on the agenda for the next meeting, Committee or General, as the nature of the complaint demands. All such complaints or grievances not notified in writing as above must be treated as hearsay and therefore cannot be acted upon.

Dated 13th November 2014

General Note: It must be borne in mind that every Officer of the Club must act legally, and nominees of the Club may sue any Officer for fraud or dishonesty where evidence of this comes to light. The Club will not be responsible for illegal acts by Officers taken outside the scope of their authority or instructions.

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