Please ensure you complete a separate form for each dog you would like to register.
Things to remember when registering your terriers:
  • 1. In order to use your Prefix on your registration papers it needs to be registered with our Club. Members can register their Prefix through me for a one off payment of £15. After registering your prefix you can use it as a prefix for the terriers you have bred (i.e. Apple Jack) or as an affix for the terriers you own but have not bred (i.e. Jack of Apple).
  • 2. If an affiliate Club has a duplicate prefix registered then the prefix in both clubs will carry the countries abbreviation for example Apple GB and Apple US.
  • 3. To register a terrier it is £5 and to register a litter of puppies before they are one year old it is £15. Please remember to include £1.50 for postage and package for offline registrations whether you are registering a terrier or a litter of pups.
  • 4. Please remember to put your name and membership number, also your email address and/or telephone number on the form just in case I have any problems and need to get in touch with you. Also please remember to fill in the owner details; every terrier that I register must have an owner.
  • 5. All registrations are subject to the inbreeding rule i.e. father/daughter, mother/ son, brother/sister, uncle/niece or nephew/aunt matings within the pedigree will render the terrier unregisterable.

Please download the form below to send to our Breed Records, Prefix & Registrations Officer

Steph Allen, Bwthyn Meillion, Maesymeillion, Llandysul, SA44 4NG