JRTCGB - Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain

Established in 1974, the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain (J.R.T.C.G.B.) was formed by a group of working terrier enthusiasts in order to:

"Promote and preserve the working terrier known as the Jack Russell Terrier."

  • To write and apply a breed standard.
  • To oppose influence by any organization or persons whose actions may result in practices considered to be detrimental to the Jack Russell Terrier and its future
  • To protect the Jack Russell Terrier as a true working terrier and to preserve the rights of the working terrier enthusiast to work the terrier in the traditional manner.
  • Our opposition to the kennel club
  • To support lawful and humane terrier work and to educate newcomers to the world of the working Jack Russell.
  • The day to day running of the JRTCGB is the responsibility of the National Committee, which is elected annually at the Club’s Annual General Meeting. This meeting takes place in November each year, it is held at a central location, is open to all members and is where any changes to the Club’s Rules and Constitution are discussed and voted on with a view to their being implemented on 1st January of the following year.

It is the aim of the JRTCGB to unite those people with a love and admiration of the Jack Russell Terrier, howsoever they may enjoy its unique and wonderful character. And to encourage and educate its members, both current and new, as to the importance of retaining the Jack Russell Terrier’s working aspects and attributes, in order to continue the protection and preservation of this remarkable breed.