National Show Judge for 2022

From an early age I’ve been involved with Jack Russell Terriers, my Dad, Mick Ogden encouraged me. He bred and worked Jack Russsells for many years and started the Glencoyne Line that I have continued myself and tried to keep the same stamp.

 I started going out working the terriers with my Dad when I was four years old and would go most Sunday’s controlling foxes for landowners and gamekeepers. My Dad then started to assist a professional terrierman for a well known shires pack of foxhounds and he would take me with him every Saturday throughout the hunting season for many years. 

My love for hunting, terriers and hounds grew and I decided I would like to pursue a career in hunt service, whipping in to the Dove Valley Mink Hounds and The Derbyshire Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire Beagles whilst still at school to gain experience. 

My first job in hunt service after school was the Weston and Banwell Harriers in Somerset where I would whip in and also assist with the terrier work. Due to the nature of my job I have lived and worked in many places including Essex where I spent 7 years as Huntsman, I am now living in Yorkshire at the Derwent Hunt as Kennel Huntsman. I have judged numerous Jack Russell Terrier Club of GB Regional Shows and Hunt Terrier Shows as well as Game Fairs and local shows. 

I have judged abroad in Finland, Germany and Sweden and a particular highlight being South Africa. I’m looking forward to judging the Jack Russell Terrier Club National Show and find it a great privilege to have been asked, something which I’m sure my Dad would be proud of!.