JRTCGB statement on Kennel Club recognition of a small Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain Statement on the Kennel Club and the Jack Russell Terrier – 08/11/15

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain,
has, for 40 years stood against Kennel Club recognition for the Jack Russell Terrier and will always do so.
We along with our worldwide affiliated Jack Russell Clubs, fought tooth and nail against the recognition of the Parson Jack Russell Terrier but the Kennel Club committee blindly went ahead. Now many years later they have realised their predicted failure and Parson Russell’s are almost as rare as the breed the Kennel Club started with in 1860, the Fox Terrier.
They badly need a small breed to gain income!

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain wrote the definitive breed standard for the Jack Russell Terrier 38 years ago and it has been adopted by Jack Russell Clubs worldwide, even copied by the Parson Russell Club! No doubt it will be used once again.

Along with our affiliates we have a registration system reaching back to the mid 70s.
Our terriers, worldwide, are classy, correct in conformation and possess a tremendous working ability. They are virtually free of both hereditary and congenital defects whilst among the Kennel Club breeds these are rife.
Kennel Club recognition will not affect any of us and most importantly it will not affect the Real Jack Russell
Terrier that are under our care
The Parson Russell came and has almost left.
This ridiculous attempt will also fail and pass.
The Kennel Club is about to embark on a journey into a minefield of confusion, misery and failure.
The JRTCGB along with its affiliated JRT Clubs worldwide have a huge register of quality Jack Russell Terrier dating back to the mid 70s. Our registration system is carefully structured to prevent any Kennel Club pollution.
We have a breed standard that is totally work related and practical.
The secretary of the Kennel Club, Caroline Kisco, gave the reason for their move;- “By recognising the Jack Russell as an official breed we can help cement its heritage and protect its future”. Unreal!
Well Caroline, you are 41 years too late. We have been doing just that since 1974!
The Kennel Club has NEVER cemented the heritage nor protected the future of ANY of the breeds under their banner! Quite opposite. Take for example the poor old English Bull Dog they have protected it to the point where natural reproduction is impossible!
What kind of protecting and cementing is Caroline
Talking about exactly!?

The true working Jack Russell is quite safe where it always has been, LONG BEFORE THE OLD SPORTING PARSON BOUGHT ONE!
Safe, with the working terrier men and women of
Great Britain and the rest of the world!
Our worldwide aim is;-
the Jack Russell Terrier
We have held firm against the Parson Russell and
succeeded. The same resilience will hold firm again.

Greg Mousley
Chairman and a founder member of the JRTCGB

Observation and reaction to KC and the JRT – Greg Mousley Nov 2015

It seems the kennel club here in the UK is once again seeking income from recognising a smaller breed.
Realising they failed as predicted with their “recognition” of the “Parson Russell Terrier” they now enter a minefield of confusion and future failure by their “recognition” of a Jack Russell Terrier”.
The reason given? “To protect the heritage of the Jack Russell Terrier.” Sadly the kennel club has failed to “protect the heritage” of ANY breed since its inception in the mid 1860s. Indeed it has “protected” some breeds to the point where unassisted conception and natural birth of puppies is impossible. Others where eyelid operations at 6 months old are the norm.
Protection?! Words like ruination and exploitation are more appropriate.
The kennel club is a business and employs many people. As a business they need income. The mainstay of this income is from smaller breeds registered with them. Upon realising their failure with their foundation breed the once very popular Fox terrier. they sought to correct this by recognising the Parson Russell terrier. That has quickly failed, now they need another try.
What next ? Sprockers! Labradoodles!!
They walk among us!?