Important Club Notices

As from 1st of January 2015 any members residing in Northern Ireland must become overseas members of the JRTCGB this due to it being brought to our attention that N,Ireland is part of the UK but not part of Gt Britain.
Due to the fact that there is no affiliate club within N,Ireland this will not change the right to register terriers as before with this club nor to appear on any Judges list.
It does however, as is the current status of overseas members, preclude any voting at the A.G.M. or becoming members of any committee within the JRTCGB.

All members please note that memberships are due to be renewed on 1st of January of each year. It has been accepted in the past that most members pay at their first show of the year, which is usually in April / May.
This practice is no longer considered acceptable for the following reasons:

1. The Club constitution (Rule 4 e ) states that;-
“any member failing to renew within 3 months of this date.
(1st Jan), shall be deemed to have terminated his/her membership”.
This means that all should be paid by 31st March at the latest.

2. In addition to the above;-
All JRTCGB Judges both G.B. listed and Overseas listed, must be paid up members by the 31st of January 2015.
Having signed and returned

This brings us in line with requirements from our Affiliate Clubs regarding JRTCGB judges fulfilling the criteria for judging, prior to the show date, which may be before the March 31st deadline.
Failure to renew on time will affect your judging status both here in Great Britain and Overseas

You can renew your membership online at and we thank you for your continued membership and support.

Greg Mousley | Chairman JRTCGB | November 2014





Please supply in the “Note to seller” box in Paypal the following details:

The Region to which the application is made eg. “Midlands”, “Southern” etc.
Member’s Name(s).
Full address including post code.
Contact telephone number.
Country of Residence (for overseas applications)

By applying for membership of the J.R.T.C.G.B. You confirm that You have read the aims and constitution of the Club and agree to abide by the objectives and purposes therein